Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Modeling/Costume Contest Presentation

Well I unintentionally extended the submission date by being offline for a while, but I am now please to present this season's hottest captions for the Modeling/Costume Contest! Stay tuned for a very special contest announced sometime in the next few days...

Luke Langton Series
Rachael 1
Rachael 2 
 Rachael 3
 Rachael 4
 Rachael 5
Rachael 6
Rachael 7
Rachael Series 1
 Rachael Series 2
 Ty 1
 Ty 2
 Ty Series
Anon Series
 Christina 1
 Christina 2
 Christina 3
 Donna 1
 Donna Series
 Ess 1
 Ess 2
Ess Series 1
 Ess Series 2
 Helena 1
 Helena 2
 J 1
 J 2
 J Series

Friday, September 7, 2018

Reaching End of Runway

Just my usual reminder that the current contest for Modeling/Costumes is scheduled to end this weekend. There may be a small extension if people request one or I don't see many entries, but I am hoping to wrap up this contest because the next one is kind of special. Stay tuned and show me what you got for the current contest!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Modeling/Costume Caption Contest

By now I have posted the submissions for the Film/TV Contest, so on to the next one! This time is a combination of modeling/costume suggested by someone when I asked for ideas. The deadline will be Sunday, September 9th for the usual two weekend timeframe. Guidelines and the a more detailed prompt are below.

1. I will post images and a general theme to focus your work slightly. You may use other photos if you wish.
2. You all will take these images I have offered below and send either a completed caption (meaning image and text formatted together) or text with the image to go to it (I will put a cap together if you don't know how or would rather that I format it!) to starzcaptioncontests@gmail.com. 
3. You may submit as many captions as you want. All captions must be TG or crossdressing in some format (F2F is not really a theme of this blog, but in case any of you wanted to try this, I would prefer that you didn't).
4. After the submission deadline, I will sort post all the captions that you sent me in a single post!

THEME: MODELING/COSTUME - This theme is a mix of a few similar concepts! First we have modeling, which relates to a number of things including showing off clothing, posing, or strutting the catwalk. You could do a story about a sissy forced to reveal themselves to an audience for fashion week, a drag queen being a role model for younger generations, or perhaps a witch "models" how they can perform magic by transforming a brute into a babe! The other aspect is costume, which is also related to outfits and putting on an appearance. A popular take on this theme could be cosplay, but also Halloween costumes gone wrong or maybe a "costume" that feels more like a real identity for a transperson! Lots of possibilities in this broad theme, so I'm eager to see how you all dress up your captions and model an ideal TG story!