Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know my plan going forward. First, the Advertisement Contest Review will be up in a day or two - been busy and don't want to short-change anyone. Secondly, I decided to do away with voting for contests - the only purpose I was considering using it for I decided was not a good idea, so that won't occur for future contests unless there is a BIG push from people who want it. However, I will post other polls that I would like people to vote on - namely ideas for new contests. If you do have an idea for a contest you want to see, feel free to share in a comment (someone already asked for a specific theme, and so it's in this first poll!)

Also, I'm considering doing one contest a week as opposed to one every two weeks (submission period would still be a week and another week for presentation/the review, but contests would overlap so there's always a submission period going). Let me know if that would be too much.

Ariel Starz

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