Friday, July 17, 2015

Fur Images

So with the news of my departure announced, I wanted to spend the remainder of my time posting images I like in the hopes that it might inspire other people to create captions. This will include contests that I was thinking of doing, compilations of similar pictures I had in storage, or just random images I have and like. I fully encourage using the images as you like and even posting in the comments of any image set to advertise a cap using one of them! Also, I know there are a few regular contest participants who don't normally format their caps or have a blog to post on - if there is a kind and industrious blogger out there who is interested in piecing together caps for others, please let me know and I will try to connect people with you!

Today's image set was supposed to constitute the images for a "fur" caption contest as requested by someone a while ago. 


  1. Great photos to work with. i can't say i am the best at caption layout but would love to help out if any one wants a hand.

  2. I missed your announcement of your departure. While I understand, I am sad to see you go. Peace be with you.