Monday, April 18, 2016

Caption Reviews (Part 1)

Hi everyone! So a while back I alluded to something for people who have been participating in recent caption contests. To those who were maybe hoping for caption prizes, that unfortunately isn't something I have the time or motivation to do at this point in time :( However, I did want to bring back an old feature that I used to do for every caption contest - a personal review of captions! 

Given that there have been a lot of contests since I started contests back up again (10, starting with the Halloween Contest) and a lot of people captioning (20 different people!), I'm not going to be able to do a review of every cap. Instead, I've broken this post up into three parts - this first one will cover people who have participated in just one or two contest or made only a single cap. Part 2 will include people who may have stopped by more frequently and produced a respectable number of caps over a few contests. The third and final part will include the "regulars", people who participate quite frequently and have a variety of caps for me to comment on - so in other words, don't worry if your caps don't appear yet - they will be coming :)

Finally, the last thing I want to note is that I wanted to give a chance to advertise the blogs/work of captioners who participate. If you have a caption blog, DeviantArt site, Tumblr, or some other place you post caps, feel free to email me that link and I will attach it to your review so people can get access to your other work!

Whew! A lot of text, but now onto the main event! In no particular order, here are the first seven reviews!

Luke Langton
  • Captioner Summary: Luke Langton is an excellent captioner who does/used to run a blog called "Ebony TG Captions" - I think there is a very white-centric bias when it comes to TG caps (something that I myself am very guilty of) and Luke writes some amazing caps that cut against that grain. Luke's storytelling is also very strong, making me wish they had stopped by for more than one contest.
  • Caption Review: Luke's lone cap came in the Halloween contest, but told a really good story. The dialogue in this cap was strong, which combined with the blocking did a really good job of referencing the image and making me feel like I was watching this conversation happen! I'm also a little biased because I loved this image and Luke was the only person to use it.
  • Captioner Summary: Hahaprincess is someone I met on her DeviantArt account and she dropped by for a contest after I entered a few captions into hers. Haha is known for a white background and blue or red text, but also for captions were the victim suffers an over-the-top transformation into a drag queen or effeminate sissy.
  • Caption Review: This piece came in the most recent contest, the Serial Transformer theme, and uses another great image. The set up for this is nice, but felt like it could have been better suited for a longer or a caption series - I would have liked to learn more about this TG gun and what it does to other men :)

  • Captioner Summary: Spurius only gave me a fleeting glimpse into their work based on an entry into a single contest, but man was it impressive! Seemingly coming from the tradition of interracial caps popularized by Wes Mantooth and that I've tried myself, Spurius' caps have excellent dialogue that really emphasize the alpha/beta relationship between the weak and feminized and those tormenting them.
  • Caption Review: I adored two of Spurius' caps so much that I thought about discussing both, but decided that this one eeked out the win in terms of my favorite. The cap does a good job establishing setting/context, both with the introduction in the beginning and the internal monologue soon after. That monologue is definitely the best part of the cap for me - the slow process of succumbing to lust and describing what that boi has done to keep his job is lovely. The ending was also nice, as I liked the idea of getting the next sissy hard enough at the sight of the fucking to repeat the process.
  • Captioner Summary: An old friend who recently rejoined us after discovering that contests are still running. Anderson started out captioning in my contests and others, but now has his own site that has some delicious interracial caps and bimbo caps that I just love - go check him out if you like that sort of thing!

  • Caption Review: The only (recent) cap Anderson has submitted has a nod to a theme on his blog, the SISSY Service, and my old work, Bimbo Inc. The cap was one of the few in the Serial Transformer contest that explictly referenced the idea of feminizing in the image of someone, which I was really happy to see! I also like how the three paragraphs break it up cleanly into an introduction, middle, and conclusion - worked out nicely from a visual and literary standpoint.
The Zoligomyst
  • Captioner Summary: Speaking of old acquaintances, The Zoligomyst is a phenomenal captioner who've caps I've had the pleasure of hosting on my blog before. Zoli is, in my opinion, one of the premier captioners out there, and has an exceptional range of talent when it comes to captions. Specific themes like hypnosis, bimbos, and sissies all crop up on Zoli's site, but what makes Zoli so exceptional is the ability to create amazing multi-part series with a wide variety of themes. The captions are also always beautiful, marked by a specific font (that I can't name off the top of my head) and great background/image combinations to make Zoli's caps a work of art as well as good literary pieces!
  • Caption Review: Zoli has been busy as of late, but stopped by during the Pageant Contest to offer up this delicious little number. The dialogue is very strong - you get a good sense of both character's personalities and motivations based on what they say and how they are described saying it. The extra descriptions are just bonus - background provided in the largest paragraph tells the wonderful tale of how a Miss America contestant produced a Miss Drag America/Universe competitor. The references to a timely current event (Harvey as the male name was a nice subtle touch) rounds out this wonderful piece.
Q Slave
  • Captioner Summary: A first time captioner who only joined us once, Q Slave produced an enjoyable piece for the Rivalry Caption Contest. I ended up laying out the cap, so I'll mostly focus on content in the review!
  • Caption Review: Q Slave produced a nice sissy cap using an image I adore. The theme is pretty straight-forward, with a pair of sissies giving in to demands for a promotion and learning they can't actually earn it after sissifying themselves, but Q Slave does a good job describing a lot of the details so we can enjoy the transformations. Overall, a good first try for someone just starting out - definitely hope to see more at some point!
  • Captioner Summary: Finally, we end with Tyrus, who was the only captioner in this batch to participate in more than one of the last 10 contests. I honestly don't know if Tyrus captions much or not (I ended up doing layout for both caps he submitted), but I really hope he continues to try because I LOVED his work. Both focused on willing feminization and have really great dialogue that show how men turn reveal themselves to be sissy sluts.
  • Caption Review: This cap from the Holiday contest is honestly one of my favorites in all 10 contests. The cap starts out simple enough - a man goes holiday shopping for his wife, runs into a sex shop, and gets convinced to try a few things on. But the amazing part is the details and description of how the "victim" slowly gives in to a fuller and fuller transformation. The dialogue is also superb, displaying a meek willingness to try things "just to see if she might like it" at the start, and then even after his girlfriend sees him and dumps him wants to try a big black dildo "just to see how it might feel for the next girlfriend". Extremely scrumptious storyline combined with a fantastic image that pushed all of my buttons in the right way - great work Tyrus and hope to see you again at some point!


  1. great to see your reviews again. and to revisit some captions.

  2. I started reading this to check out some of your captioner recommendations and when I saw my name I did a double take before descending into blushing. Such kind words... Thank you so much. I will contribute to your contests more in future. It's just that anything with a deadline is really tricky for me right now.


  3. Thanks for the review. I try to participate in your contests, when I can. Keep up the good work.