Thursday, June 9, 2016

Second Bimbo Caption Contest

It's been a long time since we've done some classic themes, so it's time to go back to my favorite theme of all-time: bimbos! I've got a lot of images available, but this will definitely be a contest where outside images are allowed/encouraged, as I'm sure there's a lot of great bimbo photos out there that are worth capping. The deadline for this will be Sunday, June 26th - this is a bit longer than usual with three weekends to guarantee a good turnout for an excellent theme! Rules as usual are below:

1. I will post images and a general theme to focus your work slightly
2. You all will take these images and send either a completed caption (meaning image and text formatted together) or text with the image to go to it (I will put a cap together if you don't know how or would rather that I format it!) to (my contest specific email).
3. You may submit as many captions as you want, but only one caption per image. All captions must be TG or crossdressing in some format (F2F is not really a theme of this blog, but in case any of you wanted to try this, I would prefer that you didn't).
4. After the submission deadline, I will sort post all the captions that you sent me in a single post!

THEME: BIMBO - I think you all, like, totally know how super fun a good bimbo cap can, like, be if you've been around my sites. Maybe you, like, wanna right about a smart nerd who gets turned into a, like, dumb bimbo. Or maybe you, like, prefer a cap where a boyfriend is, like, totally punished for cheating and is turned into a bimbo! Like, you could even have a cap where a guy, like, willingly changes into a horny bimbo who, like, is secretly smart and stuff and wants to make other bimbos! There are, like, too many options for my 'lil head, so you should all, like, do whatever you like! *GIGGLE*

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