Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Special Contest: Looking for Beauty

Hi everyone,

So I know I said I had a "special announcement" on the way over a week ago, but the Thanksgiving festivities kind of got in the way of that. But now I'm back and ready to try something new! I've always toyed with the idea of having users submit images to me, but I hadn't really had a strong motivating factor for having a trial run when I have a lot of images stored up myself. However, I've recently stumbled across a batch of images that made me thing, "Wow, these people are beautiful!" But it also made me realize how many different things can be considered "beautiful" and how different people can have very different ideas of what "beauty" is. As such, I'd like as many people as interested to send me photos that represent "beauty" to them. You're welcome to send as many photos as you like, but I'd recommend trying to pair down your options to around 5 or 6 so you really have to focus on what you find most beautiful. I would like to see how many images I can get in a week (so by December 7th, 2016) and based on the response in that time we'll go from there!

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with - stay beautiful!
Elena Starz


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  2. Such an interesting way to do the contest! I will get to searching for images right away lol :) hopefully as a newbie I can still partake

    1. Glad you think so! I'm really excited to see what people come up with and I would absolutely encourage you or anyone else to participate because experience matters little :)