Monday, February 6, 2017

Reward Caption Contest

Hello everyone! I'm back with a bit of a special caption contest. I've been doing caption contests for a long time now and for about about the last 16 months or so it's been really the only thing I've done in the TG captioning community. However, I've really wanted to thank everyone who has stuck with me and participated in the on-and-off contests I've hosted, because you've done most of the work and have done it without any real reward or motivation outside of whatever drives you to try captioning. So here's what I'm going to do! For ONE WEEK ONLY (specifically, until late on Sunday, Feb. 12th) I will be taking images and ideas from any person who has participated in a contest in the last 16 months and will attempt to caption something they request. For a more detailed explanation:

  1. I will only produce caps for people who have participated in these contests...if you aren't sure, just submit something anyways and I will sort it out for you. I'm doing this to reward people who have actively supported the premise of this blog.
  2. Again, requests should be submitted to my starzcaptioncontests Gmail account by late Sunday, Feb. 12th. I'm doing this to reward people who have been proactive with deadlines and to give myself time to start captioning.
  3. Requests can be anything - images you'd like to see capped, a concept you want to see done, or a combination of the above. More detail is preferred (i.e. don't just say "I want a sissy cap"), but you don't have to write me a novel because I want to be able to have some creative wiggle room myself. An example of a good request might be, "I want a caption about two brothers who are turned into drag queens. Brunettes are preferred".
  4. I encourage people to send me multiple requests! I am only guaranteeing one caption per person, but I'd like to see different options because I get produce better captions when inspired and because if I like more that one option I might do multiple caps for you.
  5. I also want to put out the warning that I do not know how long this will take me...I'm unsure of the demand I'll receive in a week and I haven't tried to caption in any volume in over a year. As such, I'll also be running a regular contest some point soon and would encourage suggestions for the next theme or images you might want to see included.
Again, thank you everyone who has produced work or worked with me during these contests, and let me know what you'd like me to do for your reward!

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