Saturday, April 4, 2015

Identity Crisis Contest Review

Okay, the well overdue review of the Identity Crisis Contest is finally here! Check out all caps for my thoughts on what made made them great!

C2Sanon had some FANTASTIC captions in this contest, but this one was by far my favorite. I liked how the cap is split into two distinct part by placing text to the left and right of the image, as well as coloring the background slightly different to make it even more clear. Along with this, the two parts also work well in setting the background and adding some very well-done dialogue to amplify the storyline. This was a very creative "identity" scenario and I loved how well it was developed!

It was my distinct pleasure to have a few submissions from Candy this contest, with this one winning out slightly over the other excellent cap she offered up. Asides from the always beautiful layouts and clear, color-coded text that others should strive for, Candy also does a good job telling a story through dialogue. The way sentences are cut off at the beginning and end plays well with the idea that the bimbo's brain has "overloaded" at the sight of someone his old identity recognized. Combine that with the teasing line at the end that either implies that the woman might be hypnotized or wants a new bimbo identity, and you've got a fantastic cap by Candy!

Donna Price
Donna Price's submission was a two-parter with a really clever idea behind it. Her series told of a gameshow where a man must live as a woman for a full month and then choose which identity he wants to keep going forward. This interesting application of the contest then results in a flirty and fun explanation of why the man wants to stay as "Charlotte", something I really enjoyed. Great work Ms. Price!

I got three caps from a new follower who I didn't get a chance to ask for a name. All three were well designed for a beginner, but this cap really jumped out at me. A Witsec undercover identity was one that I was hoping to see done and this cap does it VERY well! I liked the label on top that made it read like an actual FBI report; adding in great details about the witness falling in love with their roles just added to my enjoyment of this cap. Really hope to see more work like this in the future! :)

Ian's cap was unique in this batch because it was written like a poem or monologue! It played on the idea of identity from an acting and life standpoint, going through stages of a life (infant, schoolkid, high schooler, lover, and "fool") that result in the identity being that of a slutty blond. I really recommend checking out the beautiful, almost Shakespearian language used because it's a very different way to tell a story than most but really was effective in getting the message across. Ian, you deserve a lot of praise for this cap - take a bow!

This cap by Christina was also a very fun read because of the way the story is told. It's a conversation between a husband and wife about his "Guy's Nights Out" that are really his friends crossdressing for a girl's night out. It goes on to detail the experiences he has, how much he enjoys it, and finally bragging that he would do better with men than his wife would. What I think I enjoyed the most about it was how each character was labeled by name and age in the image, making it easy to visualize an imagine the encounters each of these four men had as some sexy MILFs. Really hit a lot of points I enjoy!

This cap by Donna was another "undercover identity" cap, but with a really awesome twist. It's set up as a classic sting operation, with italics effectively conveying a radio communication between the agent and his handler. However, the twist at the end comes when the agent reveals to his boss that he had an EXTREME makeover and blackmails his handler on top of it! It's a really unexpected turn that sets it apart from other generic "undercover" caps - excellent work Donna!

Finally we have Musta, who ironically did an interracial cap with an image that I was considering using in an interracial cap! Ironies aside, Musta does an excellent job in not only slowly developing the character's transformation from horse breeder to sissy wife to a black man but also using the settings in the image (i.e. the horse statue and added dialogue bubble) to make a distinct cap. Plus, all the horse references were done in a way that made me smile without beating the idea to death. Great work Musta!

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  1. Thanks for the comment, i should point out that i did adapt my caption from a shakespeare monologue from "As you like it"so all the poetry is his I just perved it up
    to fit the theme.