Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Second Salon/Makeover Contest Presentation

Hello everyone! I am very pleased to post the submissions for the Second Salon/Makeover contest! Really amazing turnout for this one - 30 captions from 10 different people is impressive and I think reflective of the fact that people were interested in this theme. If there are other themes you are interested, let me know! I have noted some of the suggestions that people have sent me previously and if there is overlap in requests from multiple people, then it is all the more likely that the theme will be used. Now enjoy these great caps!

C2Sanon 1
C2Sanon 2
C2Sanon 3
Donna 1
Donna 2
Donna 3
Donna 4
Donna 5
Donna 6
Amy Harris 1
 Amy Harris 2
 Amy Harris 3
 Ava Ritia Series
 Dolly Diklipz 1
Dolly Diklipz Series
Dr. Jerry 1
Ian 1
Papa Dragon 1
Samantha 1
Samantha 2
Samantha 3
Slutty Eve 1
Slutty Eve Series


  1. These are fantastic, but I think Ava Ritia & Papa Dragon have to be my faves.