Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Contest Reminder and Prep for Next Contest

Hello everyone! It is now five days until the end of the Athlete Caption Contest, so please consider sending something in before that deadline. I've already gotten a few excellent entries from some people and I expect that most others are waiting until the weekend to submit, but just wanted to send out a reminder anyways.

I also wanted to post this message to announce that the next caption contest will indeed be the Sequel Caption Contest that myself and others are very excited about. However, in preparing for this contest I realized that there is no real focus for what images I select as I cannot predict what captions that people will end up producing sequels for. I do have some plan for what images to produce and will definitely encourage any other images participants find to match their sequel - but if you are someone who has already thought about what kind of caption they want to write a sequel for, send me an email or comment with a link to the original caption you want to extend with a sequel! I would like to try and find an image or two that match your interest and maybe inspire you along the way. 

Contact me if interested in this and looking forward to seeing more Athlete caps!
-Elena Starz

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