Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Caption Contest

Hello everyone! In honor of Halloween, I've decided to come out of the shadows for a little fun in the form of a new caption contest! The deadline for this will be Saturday, November 14th, meaning you have plenty of time to produce something special. This will also be a bit of a trial run - if there is enough participation/support I could theoretically see myself running a contest once every two weeks (still not into captioning because that takes significantly more time than just collecting caps or formatting a cap with a pre-determined image and text). So without further ado, here are the rules!

1. I will post images and a general theme to focus your work slightly
2. You all will take these images and send either a completed caption (meaning image and text formatted together) or text with the image to go to it (I will put a cap together if you don't know how or would rather that I format it!) to EITHER of my emails, (my general email address) or (my contest specific email).
3. You may submit as many captions as you want, but only one caption per image. All captions must be TG or crossdressing in some format (F2F is not really a theme of this blog, but in case any of you wanted to try this, I would prefer that you didn't).
4. After a weeks time, I will sort post all the captions that you sent me in a single post!

THEME: HALLOWEEN - Probably everybody's favorite TG holiday, there's so many possibilities for a fun TG cap! Maybe a witch has cursed a man on Halloween night; perhaps a nerdy boy crossdresses as the sluttiest girl at the party; it could be a drag queen transforming an unwilling protege as part of a Halloween contest; or even a magical costume that adheres to a poor boy's body for the entire night! Whatever the case may be, have some fun with it!