Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sequel Contest Presentation

Wow! The turnout for this contest was AMAZING and I'm glad I pushed it back two days because I got three excellent series during that span (also for future reference, if you ever feel like you need a little more time to complete an idea you have, email me to let me know! I'm more than happy to extend the contest or add submissions a few days after I post everything). There were a grand total of 59 caps, thanks in large part to 8 different series, and all submissions that weren't original series themselves have links to the original inspiration for these sequels. Thank you to all participants and enjoy this treasure trove of caps!

Ava Ritia Series 1 (Based on Dr. Jerry's series from the Pageant Contest)
 Ava Ritia Series 2 (Based on C2Sanon's series from the High School Contest)
 Christina 1 (Sequel to her first cap from the High School Contest)
 Christina 2 (Sequel to Donna's fourth cap in the Advertisement Contest)
 Christina 3 (Sequel to Elena's "Budget Cuts")
 Christina 4 (Based on Elena's How to Become a Blonde Bimbo 101 series)
Christina Series (Sequel to Nikki Jenkins' series "Boikini Season")
Dr. Jerry Series (Sequel to his series in the Thankfull Contest)
 Dee 1 (Sequel to Elena's "Bigger in Texas")
 Dee 2 (Sequel to Elena's contest reward cap for Candy)
 Dee 3 (Sequel to Zoligomyst's "Break-In-Brad Part 2")
 Dee 4 (Sequel to Noisy's first caption for the Family Contest on Elena's main site)
 Dee 5 (Sequel to C2Sanon's third caption for the 2nd Hypnosis Contest)
 Dee Series 1 (An original series!)
 Dee Series 2 (An original series!)
 HassouTobi 1 (Sequel to HassouTobi's "The Sorority Sissy Part 2")
 Keira Keane 1 (Sequel to Elena's "Internet Media Maven")
 Keira Keane 2 (Sequel to Elena's "Bachelor Blinders")
 Keira Keane 3 (Sequel to Elena's "Work Review")
 Keira Keane 4 (Sequel to Elena's "With the Right Outfit...")
 Leila Stoat 1 (Sequel to her third caption for the Female Impersonator Contest on Elena's main site)
Ess 1 (Based on Wes Mantooth's character Bobbi...might be a specific series but I couldn't find it)
Ess 2 (Based on Elena's Bimbo Inc. series)
 Ess Series (An original series!)
Elena Starz 1 (Sequel to anynomous1234alt's "Ex-Wife's Salon")
 Elena Starz 2 (Sequel to anynomous1234alt's "Scholars to Sissies")
 Elena Starz 3 (Sequel to anynomous1234alt's  "Step-Mother's Pet")
 Elena Starz 4 (Sequel to Kelli's third cap for the Crime/Punishment Contest)
 Elena Starz 5 (Sequel to C2Sanon's second cap for the Pink Contest)
Elena Starz Series (Sequel to C2Sanon's second cap for the Beauty Contest)