Monday, March 16, 2015

Advertisement Caption Contest Review

Business first - the newest contest is up and will take submission to a new email address - please read the message and send caps to the right place! Next, the series caption contest poll reveals that people would like a couple or a lot of different models for a series contest. I'll figure out what I want to do once I look at some pics I have in storage. In regards to the other poll for contest ideas, a couple of ideas are all pretty popular, meaning I'm likely to do them at some point in the future. But keep voting if you haven't so I know what people might like to do!

Okay, now for the main event! First, sorry this review so late - I usually like to do my reviews in one sitting but with so many participants/so many great caps to choose from it was hard for me to cram a meaningful review into a reasonable window of time. Hopefully the quality of the reviews make up for the delay!

There are going to be two common themes running through this review - excessive compliments of multiple captions from individuals which made it hard to review one cap as well as praise of formatting to highlight the "advertisement" aspect of the contest. Christina is a prime example of this - her pair of caps were phenomenal and both sold the advertising aspect in each well. I went with the "Dionysus" skin cream cap, however, because I loved the subtle references to Greek mythology and the way the model is cited at the end. Plus, the font size/style in the opening were well designed and deserving of being highlighted in a review. Great work Christina!

Donna Price
It's been a while since I've seen a contest submission from Mrs. Price but man am I glad she decided to submit this piece! Of all the ideas for products/places to advertise, this one was one of the most unique and well-crafted. The idea of a sissy cab that caters to the individual, offering full makeovers in the car from qualified crossdressers and shemales, is simply a wonderful business that I would love to invest in! Plus, the ending reference back to the models individualized a more general cap, providing both a personal and broad perspective on the product. Fantastic job!

The most prolific captioner this contest, Anderson provided a fantastic array of advertisements, with special recognition due to the wonderful 8-part "Sissy Catalogue". I ended up not selecting that masterpiece simply because I try to avoid analyzing longer works (simply too much to point out!), but also because I really enjoyed this first cap from Anderson. This one does an excellent job of setting the stage as a forced sissification story, while jumping into the filming of an advertisement of the sissies. I think the characterization in this piece was what set it apart, with the dialogue from the sissies being both terrified/obedient and the master appearing fully in control via his actions. A well-rounded piece that provides both advertisement and a backstory...that's a two-for-one I'd buy any day!

Brittany went more along her classic lines of a forced model for a boutique/salon. Not really an explicit advertisement per se, but had some lovely details about the transformation that I truly enjoyed. A classic Brittany7 cap indeed!

Donna had a bunch of great caps that ended up being interesting for me simply because of formatting. I usually piece together the text/image Donna selects for her, which meant I ended up choosing which parts of the advertisements to highlight with different font sizes/styles. Usually I try to be bland and not interrupt the work - but this cap I decided to enlarge a certain part of this cap and liked how it turned out. Donna's writing is superb and I think with this little font variation allows her story to standout separate from the advertisement. 

Speaking of font changes, Ian's cap is awesome because of the way color/style is used to sell the bimboish nature of the feminized Prick. Like Anderson's, it's also set as the filming of an advertisement, which I think is great not only because it helps explain the scenario but allows for juicy details from off camera like the mentioning of spankings for screwing up. Lovely job Ian!

Leila Stoat
Along with Donna Price I was also very happy to see Leila back in the ranks of contest participants. The back and forth dialogue (highlighted both by color change and left/right text alignment) is excellent but my favorite part is the advertisement's multiple references to thinks like "555-PIMP-ME", "Bim-happy Hypnotherapists, and "Sparklefit Glamour Gym Gear" to name a few. It's the creative aspects like this that I enjoyed in all captions but stood out to m especially in this one. Great work Leila!

Okay. I need to stop and take a minute to apologize to all of Musta's other AMAZING captions that will get a review. This includes (but is not limited to) the amazing white boi parody of Snickers commercials; the beautifully craft Sports Illustrated sissy swimsuit issue; the outstanding Snowbunny Club white boi ad (which I only didn't select because the handiwork is way beyond anything I or most captioners could do and thus would be hard to copy); and the Jersey Shore homage with feminized guidos. But, I only got to choose one, so I went with the BimboFex ad. There's so much great stuff - the quote in the upper right (from Elena, no less :) ), the way the ad uses big fonts/stereotypical ad questions to lure you in, and of course the pill bottle itself with a beautiful bimbo image embossed on it. This was truly a masterpiece from Musta who should be very, very proud of the creativity/talent exuded in all seven caps for this contests. Hats off to you!

This new captioner (whom I apologize to if you wanted a full signed the email with an acronym so I rolled with it) was the first submission and made me confident that the submissions for the contest were going to be excellent. The bright and bold lettering on the Bimbo Brew and the simple yet effective story/ad in the actual writing combined to make a short and sweet piece that I thoroughly enjoy. Hope to see more work from you soon!

A "new" captioner who had participated in Wes' contest and submitted here for the first time, Slippery had a really excellent white boi story in this cap. I think the image selection was fantastic for the idea of a white boi club catering to horny unfeminized males and got me thinking...what happens if patrons run into debt at the club? I think that alone is worth advertising ;) Great job Slippery! Hope to see more from you!

The Zoligomyst
Finally we have the lovely and talented Zoli, who wrote a cap about an equally talented hypnotist shooting a commercial with two hypnotized (and then awoken) sissies for his show. Not only was this a creative way to mix in hypnosis/advertising, but I loved the fact that the Great Simon can simply ring them up and get them to come back. Because we all know that an advertisement line can take more than one shoot... :)

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  1. i enjoyed your review. So many fine captions and layouts