Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Poll

Hi everyone! I'm going to leave the Identity Crisis Contest open for two more days (until late Thursday/early Friday) because I'm still hoping to get more entries. However, I also wanted to talk about poll results for the next contest. The "Father/Son" theme won by a slim margin over "High Heels/Boots" and "Pink", meaning I will start with that next and probably do both of the others too. I've been finding A LOT of good pics/theme ideas lately and considering how popular all of these were I was considering running TWO contests at once. I'm a little hesitant because entries have started to slow down of late (in terms of volume/number of participants on different occasions) and I don't want to over work the few people who do enter repeatedly - so what do you think? Answer the poll to let me know!

Ariel Starz

1 comment:

  1. I think given the right theme, like father and son and high heels, will give you more entries, I personally found the last two themes kinda restricting, but these next two I think are the kinda thing people want to see