Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ideas Archive #1: With an Explanation!

Hi everyone! So I'm posting some items from my "Ideas Archive", which is basically the place I gather concepts for caps that I want to do but didn't complete, in the hopes that it may inspire someone else! Each item comes with an image below which I have a simple concept that would form the basis of the cap (it's literally what I wrote down to help me remember my idea) and will also have an "additional details" section that I've added to help explain how I would envision the cap. I fully encourage any/all attempts to caption these images in a fashion similar to how I intended or in a new way I haven't thought of!

P.S. There are 10 today and more to come in the future! Also, if people do end up capping these images, I would love for links to them to be posted in the comments!

(Trying to find something to drink other than Femme Drink, because he swears he's changing!)
Additional Details: Pretty straightforward - I'd write it from the perspective of someone who doesn't understand that the drink is doing this to him.

(Wakes up and gasps, with hand going to face to observe changes)
Additional Details: Probably a hypnosis cap or one where the transfromee is just waking up. I'd go heavy on detail with regards to nails, lips, or anything else you'd like to add!

(Hypnosis tapes - either is mad because he knows what's happening but can't stop, or mad because he thinks he's still a guy and he isn't being treated like one out in public)
Additional details: I was leaning towards doing the second idea - being indignant over little things like guys smiling at him or getting teased for going to the bathroom to check on his appearance would be funny - but either way I think the expression on this model's face warrants some irritation at something.

(Boy on left unsure about sissification. Older brother on right is good role model)
Additional Details: Absolutely should be a dialogue between the two characters - perhaps the boy on right is helping convince the other?

(Has strange urges to buy feminine things...finally caves and applies makeup in front of the mirror, obsessing over details)
Additional Details: Probably a hypnosis cap that develops slowly. Maybe he starts noticing lingerie then starts window shopping then tries to avoid malls but eventually goes on shopping spree.

(Cut off right side - detailed makeover cap)
Additional Details: I said to crop out the two bigger images 1. Because they were a different size that the other images and 2. Those images aren't showing the process. While I saw this as a cap going into detail about a makeover (highlighting each steps in the process like the image, there is room for interpretation. Is the makeover forced or willing? Is he thinking about how he has come to this point while the makeover is happening? Lots of possibilities!

(Dipped in glitter - multiple possibilities. Either entire body is covered in glitter and as it slowly ebbs away he turns feminine where it is removed, or dunking in glitter to look extra feminine, or possibly something else?)
Additional Details: With regards to the first idea, it would be a BimboTech product or something where any part exposed to the silver glitter would be transformed, as evidenced by the blond hair where the glitter has been removed. For the second, it'd be glitter on top of a transformation to highlight the soft femininity of the transformed male.

(Somthing was wrong...was it hair? Breasts? Friend in mirror taking selfies? No...nothing was wrong)
Additional Details: This was the image I REALLY wanted to cap but just couldn't find the right dialogue for it. I envisioned it was a internal monologue where a hypnotized male (right) is slowly grasping that something is wrong with him and his friend (left), but reverts to accepting the changes to the hair, body, etc.

(Two horny femmed boys making out...one says its wrong, other says no, both give in)
Additional Details: Eager one is on top, obviously - probably dialogue with lots of moaning :)

(Two guys intertwined so they can't escape)
Additional Details: Idea was that girlfriends had linked their two cheating boyfriends together so they must go together if they leave...which they can't bring themselves to do.

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