Monday, August 3, 2015

Ideas Archive #2

Another set of images plus ideas for all you interested captioners out there! These are a little more blond/bimbo heavy because they came from a time when those were an obsession (not that they aren't still...just there were A LOT of good bimbo photos that I found at that time). Enjoy!

(Boy sneaks into popular girl's room, wondering if it's true that the girl has a debilitating disease. Sees long blond wig on dresser, thinks she has cancer, decides to try wig on...sticks on him, can't get it off, and he transforms into the popular girl)
Additional Details: This was something to be inspired by Evie's naughty work where a magic item (in this case the wig) turns a boy into a slut. Heavy emphasis on the wig and its effects.

(American tourist caught and forced into shemale prostitution. Although blonde hair normally gives it away, pimp makes him wear a stars-and-stripes top because people will pay more for American whores)
Additional Details: Pretty straightforward - kind of reverse exoticism that is sometimes common in foreign prostitution caps.

("I have to wear this? How am I going to fit in it? It's bigger than me!" says man holding up dress. Feminized friend tells him that he did it...)
Additional Details: The reason I never capped this was because I couldn't find a good backstory for why these two were in the mall shopping for wedding dresses. My initial thought was that it was a bet that the first friend followed through on...but other than that I wasn't sure. Be interested to see what others could do with it!

(Prom was going to be very different for *insert boy name here*)
Additional Details: Really sad I never used this because I love this picture. The hair and dress are fantastic alone but together they are breathtaking. The plan for the cap itself was to detail all aspects of the makeover for prom (hair, nails, breast forms, dress, etc.) in the mall and then end with the line in parenthesis above.

(Hair, nails, outfits, smooth skin taught...but pert ass is all natural)
Additional Details: Probably a sissy cap - was going to be based around concept that you can make anyone a sissy but some are more naturally suited for it.

(Employee working late shift at music store hears music coming from boss' office...walks in to find him...)
Additional Details: I actually have a couple music store/CD related pics and thought about doing a series but obviously that never materialized. This cap was going to be third person - employee locks up but forgets something then peeks in to see boss like this. Maybe song is something special?

(hypnotized into total girly bimbo)
Additional Details: Simple and to the point - just a fun hypnosis cap

(Two guy friends super happy that other male friend crossdressed for them or hypnotized into girl?)
Additional Details: Another pic I really wanted to cap but couldn't find the right way to start. I couldn't decide if the middle friend's transformation was willing or via hypnosis and whether the friends were aware of the reason for the changes or simply happy to take advantage of them. Lot of potential in this one!

(Mom/dad super excited about son's first willing date as girl...son broods, knowing that it was all forced on him by the boy is being forced to date)
Additional Details: Planned as a "dialogue" cap where internal monologue/narration is also key. Allows for the mom's outward happiness to be shown in conversation while the boy's real internal feelings are explained in a different medium.

(Before and after...maybe find a third male pic for transition?)
Additional Details: Cap never happened because I couldn't find a similarly looking male picture to put on far left and show complete progress.

(Strip club based on patrons who can't paid turned into dancers - new "girl" adjusting to appearence in frenzy of activity backstage)
Additional Details: Cap could be structured in terms of internal monologue or narration - monologue is from perspective of new "girl" who discusses club and how she ended up like this, while narration would flip that and discuss club and then new girl.

(Series - show slow transformation from Asian crossdresser/sissy into full-blown blond bimbo)
Additional Details: I'm providing a link because this was going to be a series based on this set of pics in some order and it'll allow for choice if people want to do it a certain way.

(Forced to live in run-down apartment working as a prostitute...reason TBD)
Additional Details: I had thought of the context for this cap as a father/girlfriend showing up at their son's/ex's new apartment and being shocked to discover what they look like. Son/Ex angrily informs them that they are the reason he is living here and has to get work this way (reason can be chosen by you because I couldn't work out a good one). Dialogue meant to frame father/girlfriend as bad guy and evoke some pity for feminized man.

(Something about being completely transformed, referencing hair, makeup, and bimbo brain)
Additional Details: I actually used a very similar picture/cap a while back but the concept would be more focused on details of appearence and how it symbolizes how the character has gone from a man to a complete feminine bimbo. In other words, make it a nice bimbo cap :)

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