Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pageant Contest Presentation

Well it looks like the delay was worth it, because there are some EXCELLENT captions here for you to enjoy! Really pleased with everyone's work, but I especially want to give a shout out to Ted who made 7 caps PLUS a cap with 4 alternative endings. In general, there were a lot of series/multi-ending caps in this bunch, which I was hoping for an happy to see! Great work everyone!

Ian 1
 Ian 2
 Ian 3
 Leila Stoat 1
 Leila Stoat 2
 Leila Stoat 3
 Leila Stoat 4
 Ted 1
 Ted 2
 Ted 3
 Ted 4
 Ted 5
 Ted Two-Parter
 Ted Series (Opening)
 Ted Series (Ending 1)
  Ted Series (Ending 2)
  Ted Series (Ending 3)
  Ted Series (Ending 4)
 The Zoligomyst 1
Donna 1
 Dr. Jerry Series
 Lara Yvess 1
 Lara Yvess Series

1 comment:

  1. Well, there was one pic I really wanted to use (the one with the model in a bikini with huge boobs), but I couldn't fit a good story to it... and apparently no one else either, ha XD

    Anyway, here's a delightful selection I'll definitely enjoy in the days to come. Niceeee ^.^