Monday, August 22, 2016

Crime & Punishment Contest Presentation

A bit of business and then the caps! First, I've put two polls up on the side for you to vote on dealing with the number/type of images I offer up for use in contests. In picking images, I try to offer up a few different images that fit a few character types (crossdresser, tgirls, drag queens, etc.) or are more explicit in nature for those who like that kind of thing. At the same time, I don't like putting out too many images because often a majority are never used in caps and it feels like a waste of time (although ironically enough this contest was much better than usual for using a variety of images). So I wanted to get a general sense of what people are looking for so I can cater image selection to that. Also, I have what I at least think are some really fun contest themes in mind, but if you ever want to suggest themes or even specific images feel free to email me or comment anywhere on this blog.

Okay, now onto the caps! Really pleased with this batch - there was strong turnout (especially in the last few days before the deadline), everyone produced at least three captions (including a trio of first-time participants on this site!), and I really loved the variety of images and ideas that this produced! So great job to everyone involved and expect the images for the next contest to come out in the next two days.

Avaritia Series
 C2Sanon 1
 C2Sanon 2
 C2Sanon 3
 Donna 1
 Donna 2
 Donna 3
 Donna 4
 Donna 5
 Donna 6
 Dr. Jerry Series
 Edi 1
Edi Series
 Ian 1
 Ian 2
 Ian 3
 Kelli 1
 Kelli 2
 Kelli 3
 Kelli 4
 Kelli 5
 Kelli 6
 Kelli 7
 Tony 1
 Tony 2
 Tony 3
 Ted 1
 Ted 2
 Ted Series


  1. A great set of caption and series.

  2. Oh gosh, that was a good batch indeed! Congrats to all the participants! ^.^

    I got a bit slumped and didn't end up fleshing out any of the ideas I had when I first saw the pictures... but there were many good ones, yes.

    Maybe I'll go ahead and do like I did in the game show contest and just go independent later. ^.~