Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Alternate Reality Contest Presentation

Hello everyone! I am very excited to present the submission for the Alternative Reality Contest! 34 captions from 10 different people is AWESOME, but I was really happy about two things. First, it was really nice to see familiar faces who haven't stopped by in a while - I always love the unique styles/ideas you all bring, so thank you for taking the time to make captions for this site again. Secondly, I absolutely LOVED the variety of series that were created! I was really hoping that there would be multi-part captions for this theme given that it would allow for the in-depth exploration of a unique reality, and I was not disappointed!

Also, a quick reminder that I am holding a "mini-contest" which has details you can read about here. I'm not sure what to expect in terms of turnout, so hopefully I will see something in my email from a few people by the end of this weekend! A regular contest will be up sometime soon as well, but for now get immersed in these alternate reality caps!

Aleksi Andrews 1
 Alexvyaz 1
 C2Sanon 1
 C2Sanon 2
 C2Sanon 3
 CP 1
 CP 2
 CP 3
 Christina Series
 Dr. Jerry 1
 Dr. Jerry 2
 Dr. Jerry Series
 Edi Series
 Ian 1
 Papa Dragon Series
 Samantha 1
 Samantha 2
 Samantha 3
 Samantha 4

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