Monday, March 6, 2017

Reward Caption Contest

Hello everyone! While the images for the next contest will hopefully be up by late Wednesday, I finally finished my captions as a part of the Reward Caption Contest! Thank you to all who submitted requests - I've included a little description below each cap detailing who it was for, what the premise was, and how I arrived at the story/image I did.

This first one was for Anarky Rules, who sent me a variety of lovely suggestions, but the prompt that inspired this cap was about a transformer who cant decide whether to fully transform their victim into a women because it would be a shame to lose their cock. I ended up going with this image which I think highlights the prompt involving beauty and the cock, while focusing on a alpha-beta like first-person account of the transformation.

Avaritia's request included this lovely image and included the simple idea of two sissies playing with each other. I tried to incorporate a fun backstory about how these sissies came to know each other and include a funny coincidence regarding why they are dressed the same.

The third cap here is for Alexvyaz, who provide the image and an excellent prompt about a concept called "The Bride Hunting". I spent the first paragraph in this cap trying to reexplain the wonderful concept Alexvyaz described to me, while the last paragraph is actually about an individual who enjoys the event :)

Next up we have something I cooked up for Dolly Diklipz. Dolly is an old friend who likes a very specific style of cap - I was inspired both by this image and the recent Twitter blowup over the "This is the world liberals want" to design a special tweet by a hardcore conservative tricked into dressing like a trampy drag queen that he despises.

Next up we have something for Edi, which is based on this image sent in and the interracial-themed prompt of a young white boy befriending a black man. I also tried to include a drug motif in the cap and felt I produced a good, slow story reminiscent of the classic Realfield/Candy caps. I also seriously thought about doing a followup with a REALLY sexy gif of Sarina Valentina, but alas I am not skilled enough to figure out how to make a GIF cap :(

Last but not least we have this piece from Leila Stoat, who sent in a variety of images and ideas. I settled on this pic with the prompt of a Western investigator who gets caught up in an human trafficking gang from Asia. I'm never one to turn away from a great blond bimbo image and tried to detail the story of how the investigator was turned into an Asian Barbie bride!


  1. Thank you for your reward caption for me!
    In the last sentence you even have guessed the unwritten tradition of the bride hunt. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for the caption! I love it!

  3. Oooooh, I love my reward so much! ^.^ What a lovely story to fit the caption, and "Yumi Fukamore" is such a great name for an Asian Barbie lovedoll ;)

    Thanks so much, dear! ^.^