Monday, March 20, 2017

Contest Reminder and Mini-Contest!

Hi everyone! A quick reminder that the Alternative Reality Contest is still taking submissions. I've gotten some excellent submissions so far - feel free to send me more before the deadline tomorrow evening (about 36 hours from this post).

Also, since the latest contest isn't official done and I want to wait a little bit to post images for the next full contest, I have a little mini-contest challenge for you! Lately I've been interested in the idea of songs changed to have a TG twist - specifically, lyrics to songs altered as to fit a TG theme. This could be something obvious, like a slight alteration of Aerosmith's "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)", or an alteration of something completely different (Dr. Jerry's cap for the Beauty Contest is a great example of an alteration of "Beautiful Dreamer"). So what am I looking for from you? Well, anything you think might fit this theme! I'm looking for names of songs that would be good with altered lyrics, actually lyrics altered by you, or even a full caption with the lyrics of a song altered/included in some way. Thus, I'm calling this a "mini-contest" because there is no requirement for you to caption anything or even do the work of writing an altered song, but I would encourage any music lovers out there to try their hand at this and shoot me an email to my starzcaptioncontests Gmail account! If I actually get some responses in the next week or so (especially if I get actual rewritten lyrics or full captions), I may do a presentation.

Looking forward to seeing any ideas you all have! Also feel free to comment of this post or email me with any questions about the concept for this mini-contest!

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